"De Mascotte" was established on 4th. November 1990 and was originally called "Association of Rolls-Royce and Bentley Owners". In November 1993 the name was changed to "De Mascotte" because the mark names of both cars are protected names. However the old name still indicates the true motivation of the members. De Mascotte has more than 600 members with more than 850 Rolls-Royce and Bentley automobiles. This is only possible with the enormous enthusiasm of the members.

The objective of the association in the past and for the future, is the support of the interests of the members.

De Mascotte supports its members in the ownership of a Rolls-Royce or Bentley with the provision of technical advice for which a special member of the Management Committee is responsible. De Mascotte also provides a pre-purchase inspection service and advantageous insurance. You read information over insurance on the page Car insurance. If the insurance company specifies that a security system is necessary, then we have a club member who will professionally install this for an advantageous price.
Pre-purchase inspection and valuations are carried out by a technical expert who is recommended by the insurance company.

National events
Every year De Mascotte organises a number of national events. These consist of - the Annual General Meeting (combined with a New Year's Reception), a Spring Rally and the Presidents Picnic. Other events include one or two technical days, weekend rallies, charitable events and participation in general interest events such as the British Car and Lifestyle Fair and the British Classic Car Festival.

Regional events
De Mascotte has divided The Netherlands into five regions and each region organises a number of local events so that there are always activities for members, also close to home.


Club shop
For those members who wish to give evidence of their enthusiasm, the club shop provides all sorts of "goodies" such as: keyrings, videos, ties etc. The club shop is run by one of the Management Committee and is normally present at all the national events.


The Automobiles
The oldest of the 850 cars from our members is a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost from 1921; but also the youngest cars like a Rolls-Royce Phantom or Bentley Continental GT can be seen on our club events. Our members' cars represent most models from restoration, through prewar and postwar to totally modern and they vary in condition from "restoration" to "concours".


The club magazine "De Mascotte"
The association produces four times a year a superb magazine, partly in colour, and comprising approximately 160 pages. This magazine is for the most part written in Dutch with a few English language articles. It presents articles and advertisements over all aspects of Rolls-Royce and Bentley ownership. Members are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience with other members, via the magazine pages. Members can place their "for sale" adverts free of charge. For further information, have a look at the page club magazine.


The annual contribution for our association is € 125,- plus a one time entry fee of € 15,-. Most of our events are free, but sometime it is expected that you make a small contribution and pay for your meals etc. Many of our events are sponsored. In general our income is made up of yearly contributions, advertisements and to a certain extent sponsor contributions.


You can find the current structure of the Management Committee on the page Management Committee.


Members and Donors
The most important factor is that our association consists of people who are thorough enthusiasts for Rolls-Royce and Bentley automobiles; people who enjoy making a rally together or coming together for various events; mostly these people have a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley, but ownership is not compulsory, you can also be a Donor.


Want to know more?
If you still have questions you can always mail or telephone the Secretary.
We hope to welcome you soon as new member.

Yours sincerely,

the Secretary

Rolls-Royce 100EX experimental car.

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